My work involves the manipulation of Silver to make Jewellery and ornamental and functional silverware. I use traditional tools and I am currently working on some pieces that focus on the techniques of Chasing and Repousse where hammers and punches are used to impart lined detail and raised relief within the silver whilst it is held firmly in a pitch resin. I am also currently working on some raised vessels and some experimental pieces in Copper.

I am inspired by a sense of movement and energy that comes from my love of music and the forces of nature. I try to capture a sense of dynamic energy and sculptural drama in the metal and so clean asymmetrical lines and sinuous whiplash curves feature strongly in pieces, often with the addition of contrasting surface textures.

One aspect of my practice that I particularly enjoy is making many of my own tools. I often do this by repurposing pieces of steel and hammers. I use angle grinders and files to reshape the steel to create curved formers called Stakes. I then sand them to remove blemishes before polishing the surfaces which the silver or copper is hammered over. I also make these in wood or strong nylon depending on the intended design and by working in this manner it opens up many design possibilities